Why JSS?

Sitecore JSS is a way to develop JavaScript-based frontends with a Sitecore backend.

For Developers

  • Enables modern web development workflow, combined with the power of an enterprise backend. Have the freedom to use the latest JavaScript frameworks and libraries, any IDE, any OS and any dev workflow.
  • Makes Sitecore install optional during development. Build full-fledged Sitecore solutions (websites, PWAs, SPAs, you name it) by being completely disconnected from the Sitecore platform during the development process.
  • Support for physically decoupled "headless" deployments. Deploy your app "headlessly" to any platform that runs server-side JavaScript. You can even run your app in the browser. The data powering the app will come from a separate Sitecore server.
  • Automate app integration. With a code-first approach, your app can be imported into Sitecore XP, and JSS will take care of the generation of all the necessary artifacts.
  • Easy deployment. Your web app is a nimble self-contained JS bundle, easier to deploy and manage.

JSS is designed to bring just enough of Sitecore to the JavaScript app to unlock the power of Sitecore, but still enable a flexible and idiomatic JavaScript development experience.

Please refer to the docs for a more in-depth walkthrough.

For Marketers

  • Maintain full control over not only content, but presentation and marketing features as well. As opposed to a typical Headless CMS deployment, where marketers lose control over the presentation aspect and experience management, with JSS you can leverage full Experience Platform capability including Experience Editor, page-level content composition, personalization, multi-variate testing, tracking and analytics.
  • Achieve faster time-to-market and more experimentation. You can do most of the development without integration with Sitecore XP as a requirement. You can experiment more by building the app stand-alone, test the UX, and do automated integration afterward.

Key Principles and Goals

  • Empower and not burden JavaScript developers.
  • Set of capabilities rather than an all-or-nothing framework. JSS allows you to cherry pick what makes sense for your particular use case and your team.
  • Express as little opinion as possible.
  • Component-centric architecture. JSS is built to support JavaScript frameworks that are putting component architectures and atomic design principles at the center. This is a strength that both Sitecore and modern JavaScript share.
  • There is more than one way of executing a project.
  • Provide a clear boundary between back-end work in .NET and front-end work in JavaScript and enable more effective specialization on projects.