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Debug Logging in JSS

The Sitecore JSS npm packages utilize the debug module for debug logging.

debug is like an augmented version of console.log, but unlike console.log, you don't have to comment out debug logs in production code. The flipside being that you can easily enable debug logs in production when necessary using environment variables.

All Sitecore JSS logs are organized under the root namespace sitecore-jss. Logging is turned off by default and can be conditionally turned on by using the DEBUG environment variable.

Note: The debug logs only include server-side code, so there is no benefit to enabling debug logging in the browser.

To output all debug logs available, set the DEBUG environment variable to sitecore-jss:* (* is used as a wildcard).


Or be selective and show for example only layout service logs.


Or show all but layout service logs (- prefix will exclude).


To learn more about the DEBUG syntax, see debug.


The following lists all namespaces available, along with the applicable Sitecore JSS npm packages and sample applications.

Namespace Package(s) / Sample(s) Description
sitecore-jss:http sitecore-jss, nextjs HTTP request and response logging for default fetch wrappers (GraphQLRequestClient and AxiosDataFetcher).
sitecore-jss:dictionary sitecore-jss, nextjs, node-headless-ssr-experience-edge Trace logging for dictionary service implementations (GraphQLDictionaryService and RestDictionaryService).
sitecore-jss:layout sitecore-jss, nextjs, node-headless-ssr-experience-edge Trace logging for layout service implementations (GraphQLLayoutService and RestLayoutService).
sitecore-jss:editing sitecore-jss-nextjs, nextjs Trace logging for Next.js Experience Editor integration middleware.
sitecore-jss:sitemap sitecore-jss-nextjs, nextjs Trace logging for Next.js GraphQL sitemap service (GraphQLSitemapService).

Advanced options

When running through Node.js, you can set a few additional environment variables that will change the behavior of the debug logging.

Name Purpose
DEBUG Enables/disables specific debugging namespaces.
DEBUG_HIDE_DATE Hide date from debug output (non-TTY). Default is false.
DEBUG_COLORS Whether or not to use colors in the debug output. Default is true.
DEBUG_DEPTH Object inspection depth. Default is 2.
DEBUG_MULTILINE Pretty-print inspected objects on multiple lines. Default is false (single line).
DEBUG_SHOW_HIDDEN Shows hidden properties on inspected objects. Default is false.

To learn more about the DEBUG_ environment variables, see debug.

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