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Why Next.js and JSS?

Next.js is a framework built on top of React. It aims to help developers create production-ready applications with minimal need for configuration and boilerplate code.

The latest JSS SDK leverages many of Next.js' features, to simplify and enhance development workflow and experience.

Improvements over previous JSS SDKs

  • Development and production runtime parity, including SSR during development.
  • Fewer confusing “modes” and deployment requirements.
  • No Headless SSR Proxy needed for production or integration with Sitecore tracking.
  • No need to deploy your application bundle to the Content Management instance for Experience Editor support.


  • Support for Next.js static HTML export, incremental static site generation, server-side rendering, and hybrid rendering.
  • Dynamic author-defined URLs via Next.js pages and the Sitecore Layout Service.
  • Dynamic component rendering based on author-defined page layouts.
  • Helper components for rendering various Sitecore field types.
  • Sitecore Experience Editor integration via Next.js Preview Mode.
  • Sitecore route querying for static site generation.
  • Next.js client-side routing support for Sitecore link and rich text fields.
  • Internationalization support via Sitecore language versions and Next.js internationalized routing.
  • Component-level data fetching for Sitecore-driven components.
  • Sitecore analytics and personalization support (SSR-only).
  • Support for JSS code-first workflow and mock Sitecore services.
  • A sample/starter TypeScript-enabled implementation template which demonstrates common use cases.
  • Containerized starter template for Windows-based developers.
  • Other great built-in Next.js features like component-level CSS, code splitting, fast refresh, and more.
  • Vercel deployment compatible.

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