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GraphQL Sitemap Service

The GraphQLSitemapService fetches the list of site pages using Sitecore's GraphQL API. We commonly use this service in conjuction with getStaticPaths. Next.js uses the list of pages to fetch data for Static Generation and Export functionality. See getStaticPaths.


In the sample application, in /src/lib/sitemap-fetcher.ts you can inspect and modify the default SitemapFetcher configuration.

The service comes preconfigured with:

  • an endpoint - from temp/config.graphQLEndpoint,
  • an apiKey - from temp/config.sitecoreApiKey,
  • a siteName - from temp/config.jssAppName.

You also have the possibility to specify a rootItemId. The Sitemap Service needs a root item ID in order to fetch the list of pages for the current app. If rootItemId is not specified, the service will attempt to figure out the root item for the current JSS app using GraphQL and the app name.

PERFORMANCE TIP: We strongly recommend you to specify a rootItemId to avoid a additional GraphQL lookups.

WARNING: Not specifying the rootItemId for the GraphQL Sitemap Service instance can cause errors when using our Next.js SDK in conjuction with SXA integration.

The service exposes fetchSSGSitemap and fetchExportSitemap.

  • For static export, fetchExportSitemap. As static export doesn't support multilingual apps, this function accepts one language and will only run GraphQL queries for that language.

  • For static generation, use fetchSSGSitemap. This function accepts an array of supported languages. It will include the locale property because the sample application enables i18n by default. It will run GraphQL query for each language.

When you execute fetchSSGSitemap/fetchExportSitemap using the GraphQLSitemapService, the service executes the following steps:

  1. Fetch the rootItemId using the provided rootItemPath.
  2. Fetch items using rootItemId and the provided locale.
  3. Merge loaded items in the correct format for SSG or static HTML export.


The default GraphQL query used by GraphQL Sitemap Service to fetch items and generate the sitemap can be replaced with a custom query. To do so, extend the GraphQLSitemapService class, overriding the fetchSitemap method used internally by fetchSSGSitemap and fetchExportSitemap.

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