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Adding Data to Server Rendering View Bag

When operating in Integrated mode, i.e. server-side rendering via Sitecore, JSS invokes a renderView function exposed by your app's server bundle.

export const renderView = (callback, path, data, viewBag) => { ... }

The primary model/data passed into this function in the data argument is the output of the Layout Service, containing route and context data. This allows the app to initialize and render without a REST call, allowing for server-side rendering.

If your application requires additional data for server-side rendering, the viewBag argument can be populated with additional data via the getRenderingEngineViewBag pipeline. By default, JSS includes the rendered item's language (viewBag.language) and the application's translation dictionary (viewBag.dictionary) to facilitate server-side rendering of dictionary items.

Extending the getRenderingEngineViewBag Pipeline

Create your Processor

public class AddExampleData : IGetRenderingEngineViewBagProcessor
    public void Process(GetRenderingEngineViewBagArgs args)
        // would be accessible in renderView as viewBag.hello
        args.ViewBag.hello = "world";

Patch in your Processor

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
      <group groupName="javaScriptServices">
            <processor type="SitecoreJss.Examples.AddExampleData, SitecoreJss.Examples" />

Do Something with your Data in renderView

Note that both the data and viewBag arguments receive JSON data as strings, since JSS "pre-encodes" them before they are passed through Microsoft JavaScriptServices, in order to control the JSON serialization process.

const renderView = (callback, path, data, viewBag) => {
  data = JSON.parse(data);
  viewBag = JSON.parse(viewBag);

  //console output server-side will be routed to Sitecore logs
  console.log(`Hello ${viewBag.hello}`);

  // ...
5836 14:59:33 INFO  Hello world

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