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Enabling Legacy Datasource Naming

If upgrading a JSS 7.0 app to JSS 8.0, existing datasource items that have already been imported to Sitecore will be re-imported under new names with JSS 8.0.

Should you wish to preserve legacy datasource naming, you can do that using manifest pipeline patching. To do this, you need to:

  • Create the /sitecore/pipelines folder in your JSS app if it does not already exist
  • Add a file called legacyDatasourceNamer.patch.js in the pipelines folder
  • Place the following contents in the patch:
const legacyDatasourceNamer = ({ item, placeholder, rendering, index }) =>
  `${}-${placeholder.phName}-${rendering.componentName}-${index + 1}`;

export const config = (pipelines) => {
  const pipeline = pipelines.getPipeline('generateRouteItem');

  const processor = pipeline.getProcessor('processRenderings');

  if (!processor) {

  processor.args.datasourceNamer = legacyDatasourceNamer;

  • Deploy your JSS app with content, for example jss deploy items -c

Note: This workaround is not supported by Sitecore.

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