Why power your app with Sitecore

The most exiting part of developing JavaScript applications is the development itself. But what about all the maintenance? Updating text, change the order of components, the look and feel or just creating additional pages. Wouldn’t it be great if you could leave that to the authors of the application so that you can spend your time on the actual development?

Inline editing

Make content changes directly within your JavaScript app with the use of inline editing or apply layout changes by using Sitecore presentation engine.

Multi language

Use native Sitecore functionality to translate your content and create a multilingual application without any custom coding required.


Gather analytics about the usage of your application, track your visitors across multiple sites and/or application and create a full 360 view of your visitors.


Based on visitor profiles, traffic patterns or just geo-ip you have the ability to apply personalization rules to your components for just that specific visitor and create a true individualized experience.


Multiple systems where you need to get data from? Use Sitecore connectors for Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce or build your own connector.

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