Upgrading from JSS 12.0 to JSS 13.0

  1. Update peer dependencies version.
  2. Update all @sitecore-jss/* packages to the latest 13.x version.
  • React application: can upgrade react to latest version without migration

  • Angular application:

    1. lazy registrations: replace old loadChildren value by new () => Promise type:

      lazyRegistrations.push(`{ path: '${componentName}', loadChildren: () => import('./${componentFolder}/${componentFolder}.module').then(m => m.${componentName}Module) },`);
    2. tsconfig.app set: "module": "commonjs".

    You can upgrade @angular/* packages to version 8, in this case you should perform next steps:

    1. Upgrade zone.js to latest version
    2. Upgrade typescript to version: "3.5.0"
    3. Fix type errors, typescript 3.5 has breaking changes: https://github.com/Microsoft/TypeScript/wiki/Breaking-Changes#typescript-35

    Angular official migration guide: https://update.angular.io/#7.0:8.0

  • Vue application:

    • Install vue-apollo with version - 3.0.0-beta.27
  • React-Native application:

    • Upgrading guide - https://react-native-community.github.io/upgrade-helper/?from=0.55.4&to=0.61.0

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