Upgrading a JSS Server to JSS 9.0

JSS 9.0 Server requires a new Sitecore license compared to all previous releases. Prior to upgrading, ensure that you have a Sitecore license file that contains Sitecore.JSS in its text - and if not, contact your sales rep (or generate a new license on SPN for partners) to be able to run JSS 9.

First, install the latest server components package from dev.sitecore.net (find a download link in the upper right).

Then, you can remove the artifacts left over from the Sitecore.Ship-based deployment that JSS 8 and earlier used:

  • Delete App_Config/Sitecore/JavaScriptServices/ship.config
  • Delete App_Config/Sitecore/JavaScriptServices/Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.Ship.config
  • Delete /ship
  • Delete /bin/Sitecore.Ship*.dll
  • Delete /bin/Sitecore.JavaScriptServices.Ship.dll

Upgrading a JSS Application to JSS 9.0

  • Upgrade your global installation of sitecore-jss-cli to the latest version.

  • Open /scjssconfig.json. Change shipUrl to deployUrl and change URL's path to /sitecore/api/jss/import.

If you don't have a scjssconfig.json file, there are no upgrade steps to be performed.

  • Add a deploySecret property to the sitecore object, e.g.
    "sitecore": {
      "deploySecret": "randomly-generated-32+-character-secret string",
  • Open /sitecore/config. Create a new file called MyApp'sName.deploysecret.config, with contents like so:
<configuration xmlns:patch="http://www.sitecore.net/xmlconfig/">
        <app name="MyApp'sNameFromAppName.config"
             deploymentSecret="randomly-generated-32+-character-secret string"

Note: This config patch file should be ignored by source control. Do not commit secrets to the repository, and use unique secrets for each environment.

  • Open package.json and add a declaration for your app's root placeholder name(s) under the config object:
  "config": {
    "rootPlaceholders": ["jss-main"],
  • Borrow the /sitecore/definitions/config.js file from the TP4 sample app of your chosen JS library from GitHub and copy it to your app
  • Migrate placeholder names if necessary. JSS 9 disallows certain placeholder names, including main used by previous JSS TPs, by default due to conflicts with SXA. You can choose to:
    • Rename the placeholders, ideally to something app-specific like myapp-main, on the route data, placeholder definitions, and component definitions (exposed placeholders). Note that you can set a display name on the placeholder definition in /sitecore/definitions/placeholders.sitecore.js to give authors a nice looking name that does not need to be unique.
    • Pass --allowConflictingPlaceholderNames (or -a for short) when deploying to bypass the placeholder name blacklist
  • Run jss deploy config to deploy your shared secret to your Sitecore instance
  • Run jss deploy items to test your connection and run an item import. jss deploy items works exactly like jss deploy package --noFiles would have in JSS 8 and earlier.

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